We build and invest in ecommerce businesses that delight and serve passionate people.

What we do



We love investing in Ecommerce properties and have built out several online stores. We also love building brands that serve passionate groups. We have become experts in online shopping, pick/pack, customer service, Facebook advertising, and conversions.


Digital Products

We create ebooks and courses that educate and empower people. We have created resources and tools that serve people looking for information, education, and help.


Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing allows us to promote great products from brands people love. This is a more hands off approach to what we usually do at Galleon Co. We also love building affiliate programs around the products we sell and the brands we build.

About us

Galleon Co. Inc. started in 2016 as an ecommerce company. We love building out products and stores of our own. Our expertise is finding a passionate group of people, finding products that they’ll love, and building a business that serves them. Passion is what drives Galleon, so it only makes sense to create products that delight passionate people.